New Year, New License Plate Laws in Some States

It’s the start of a new year and the annual review of the use of front and back license plates is on again. New Jersey and North Dakota are the latest to be looking at whether a front plate is needed. Consumers and the state seem to benefit from the reduced cost of having a front plate but law enforcement is definitely in the corner of having plates on the front and back of a car.

Pennsylvania is joining New Jersey and Connecticut in pushing the boundaries by eliminating the annual registration sticker on all their plates.  The reasoning is law enforcement now uses technology to scan license plates automatically and connect with the DMV to get the status in real time. It will save the state $3.1 million however the scanners for each police cruiser costs $20,000 plus so any savings is being downloaded onto the police forces.

One of the annoying aspects of a front license plate is many car manufacturers treat it as an afterthought.  Even Telsa, arguable one of the best engineering companies in the world “forgot” to include a spot for the front license plate on the initial Model S. When someone purchased a Model S a technician actually drilled a self-tapping screw into the front grill to hold the plate on. They have since changed this on the new “grill less” versions of the Model S and Model X but how does it just get forgotten? Or maybe it wasn’t forgotten. Many owners of expensive cars think the plate detracts from the cars appearance.

StreamlineJK’s position is we will help to attach your plate and enhance the look of your car whether you need a plate on the front or not and whether you need a sticker on your plate or not. It doesn’t matter as the Ultimate License Plate Frame supplies a universal fit. Let the lawmakers do what they wish!


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