Specialty License Plates with StreamlineJK License Plate Frames

There is an amazing diversity of specialty license plates in most states and provinces in Canada and the US. People show their pride in organizations they belong to or they are proud to use the specialty license plate program to contribute to a cause which is dear to their heart. We find it head scratching to see people spending money on fabulous looking license plates and then covering them up with a license plate frame with advertising from the dealer where they purchased their car.

On the links below we have curated some of our favorite specialty license plates from many states and provinces. We have showcased them by combining the themed specialty license plate with a StreamlineJK Ultimate License Plate Frame. Our license plate frames look great with all affinity plates. The elegant, clean design means our license plate frames showcase the specialty license plate without covering up any key design, information or government decals. A StreamlineJK license plate frame will make your plate pop and your car look better. Find your state or province below to see how your affinity plate will look with a classic StreamlineJK Ultimate License Plate Frame product. 

British Columbia    Purcell Mountains BC Parks License Plate with StreamlineJK Polished Stainless Steel License Plate Frame

California    California throwback 60's license plate inside of StreamlineJK Black powdered Stainless Steel license plate frame

Florida    Florida specialty license plate with Challenger and Columbia on it inside of StreamlineJK polished Stainless Steel license plate frame

Oregon     Oregon Crater Lake license plate inside of StreamlineJK Polished Stainless Steel license plate frame