What car accessory is the best value for the money spent?

There are many accessories a person can buy to augment the look of their car. From stylish designer decals to carbon fiber steering wheels and spoilers there is no end to some great items to enhance the curb appeal of your vehicle. Perhaps the simplest automobile enhancement anyone could make is to add a license plate frame. Compared to the effort of other enhancements it is easy to swap out a license plate holder.  Typically, less than ten minutes, even for the those who have limited mechanical skill.

The price per performance is weighted heavily in the favor of the consumer as well when they buy a license plate frame. A carbon fibre steering wheel for example goes for $500 and takes a long time to install. A carbon fiber license plate frame costs $59 and takes ten minutes to install, no matter if the car’s license plate frame has two holes or four holes.

There are so many choices for a license plate frame. StreamlineJK believes the strong, clean lines of stainless steel and carbon fiber with matching screw caps is the only way to go. However, many people opt for vanity plates which literally creates thousands of options. The vanity plates are usually made of plastic and cost no more than $10 (their production cost is less than $1.00). The recent StreamlineJK License Plate SURVEY found that 20% of all cars have a vanity license plate frame on them. Popular vanity license plate frames include university and college alumni license plate frames, sports teams license plate frames and license plate frames with your car model on them (example “Dodge Charger”).

What are the popular license plate frames you notice? Are they the tacky plastic ones or do you notice the stylish stainless steel or carbon fiber license plate holders which match the lines of your car? An elegant $29 stainless steel license plate frame can distinguish your car from the pack, especially if the others have license plate frames with dealer advertising on them.

We love it when our customers tell us just by adding a StreamlineJK license plate frame, friends, family and even complete strangers comment on how great they look. Generating a smile every time you look at a $29 purchase is validation it was worth the money.


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